5 IT girls to follow on Instagram in 2018

accidental icon wearing Kaleos Eyehunters

If you’re in need of inspiration, Social Media is definitely a main source to rapidly get it. From one scroll to another we are conjured by cool pictorials made by the socially embraced personalities. For now, we will resume just to Instagram, because is one of the cleanest channels, where inspiration is at home. Our IT girls managed to create their very own personal universe where people love to sometimes escape.

Let’s see our 5 favorite IT girls that are totally worth following on Instagram. Not to forget that all of them have a special thing about sunglasses.

Miranda Makaroff

When you’re talking about uniqueness we’re definitely thinking of Miranda Makaroff and her own very personal & colourful style.

Miranda Makaroff  was born in Barcelona in 1984 and she experienced different artistic areas such as  fashion design, dj-ing, blogging and acting. Daughter of the prestigious designer Lydia Delgado and the singer Sergio Makaroff, she certainly grew in an artistic world who helped her being the complex and multidisciplinary character she is today.

Miranda worked with various brands, but her unique way of expressing attracted us the most.

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In September 2005 the Atlanta young hope, Reese Blutstein created Double3xposure and since, her Instagram gained popularity by raising over 170k followers. The project began as a homespun with her identical twin sister, Molly, (hence the name), who still helps with photography and film, and it has rapidly grown in the past year to the point where brands are approaching her.

“I feel like people might think blogging is ‘dead’ because they’re bored of what bloggers are posting,” said Blutstein. “They all seem to run together because they are so similar. I don’t feel like I need to be wearing what other bloggers are wearing to be liked by the masses, though. What I have learned from successful bloggers like Pernille Teisbaek is to just be yourself, wear what you want, and don’t try to censor your blog or Instagram so much that your personality doesn’t shine through”, says Blutstein for W Magazine.

“I try not to say I’m a fashion blogger, “I say I’m a style blogger. I don’t really know why, but ‘fashion’ as a word is kind of taken. Anyone can be a fashion blogger. But style is different”, says Blutstein for W Magazine.

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A Fashion Nerd

A Fashion Nerd aka Amy Roiland was 14 years old when she deeply fell in love with the fashion world. She firstly approached a boyish style, wearing baggy skate pants and dying her hair green. Not bad Amy, but she doesn’t remember those times with big pleasure. She became girly and very colorful by starting to admire stylish celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Amy previously worked as a model, designer, PR exec, photographer and a fashion blogger so she certainly knows her way around the fashion industry. Today, Amy is founder and CEO of the as-seen-on-Shark Tank app called Fashion Tap, which allows retailers and influencers alike to monetize their Instagram feeds and practically it’s like a data base of the fashion world.

Roiland has definitely a big thing for sunglasses, as she has her own line of very cool eyewear. Amy also has her own philosophy that says “eyewear makes the outfit”.

‘Eyewear is my entire life, I style outfits around eyewear. Sunglasses or glasses are my center piece to every outfit’, says Amy for an interview for Dita Blog.

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Accidental Icon

‘I started Accidental Icon because I was having trouble finding a fashion blog or magazine that offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic but also spoke to women who live what I call “interesting but ordinary lives” in cities. Women (like me) who are not famous or celebrities but are smart, creative, fashion forward, fit, thoughtful, engaged, related and most importantly clear and comfortable with who they are..’, tells Lyn for W Magazine.

Even if you’re old, young or middle aged you will love Lyn and you’ll feel inspired by all her good energy. In addition to her blog and successful Instagram, Slater also happens to be a 64-year-old grandmother with a head of impeccably-coiffed gray hair that she refuses to dye. Even if, as she will tell you, “Age is not a variable.”

Not only does she wear clothes well with her perfect posture, but she also has access to head-to-toe Issey Miyake outfits that the brand sets aside especially for her, say, or a closet of vintage kimonos that she pairs with oversized sunglasses and costume jewelry.


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Beatrice Gutu

Beatrice Gutu aka ‘The Fashion Cuisine’ mixes fashion, photography, beauty and travelling into one single universe. When you think of a clean, geometrical with a touch of vintage style, you surely have in mind Beatrice. Her spectacular shots seem to be a continuos french/italian movie. All the visual content is directed and produced by founder Beatrice Gutu and creative partner/photographer Eugeniu Gorceag. Surrounded by constant creativity and with the background in Graphic Design, they turned The Fashion Cuisine into a platform where artistic expression is being celebrated.

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