Joseph Dirand, the sophisticated minimalist

Irresistible still-life pieces seem to arise in every corner of Joseph Dirand’s works of art, revealing the Parisian architect’s distinct version of minimalist design. Joseph Dirand being defined by a nonchalant sophisticated style, featuring peaceful and neat kind of cool pieces, materials and structures.

His background speaks loudly about his perfectly balanced sense for composition. Joseph Dirand has been sharpening his eye since childhood both in interior design and architecture. He simply knows how to see a rare quality indeed. Son of the late Jacques Dirand, one of the most lauded interiors photographers of his generation, Joseph is expanding upon his family legacy. Thus, he clearly reveals a rarefied approach to space and textures.

Known for his interiors that perfectly merge the sleek with the raw, the intricate with the simple (and with a healthy dose of marble), Joseph Dirand has become a fashion-world favourite, outfitting shops for Balmain, Balenciaga, Emilio Pucci, Givenchy and Alexander Wang.


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The 2009 remake of Balmain’s historic Parisian flagship surprised many. Instead of following the current aesthetic of the brand, he placed Balmain’s designs in a unique historical context of both the house and its founder. This way he managed to highlight Balmain’s contemporary modern, sensual and luxurious offerings.

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“When I am working for a brand, I start by trying to understand what my subject is, what is the culture of the house (… )The brand is not just its current creative director — that’s part of it, but it’s much more than that, it’s its whole history. Real and imagined factors. When you hear the name of a brand, what flavor, thoughts, images does it evoke?” – Joseph Dirand for

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The French designer created a glamorous retail destination on Madison Avenue, in the heart of Manhattan. An over the top space with lots of decadent details. From brass fixtures to gold Art Deco mirrors and marble cabinets. The space has an amazing energy. Joseph managed to capture the essence of the Pucci brand: sophisticated yet minimal, noble yet modern, formal yet fresh.

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Givenchy’s new flagship captures the chic essence of the fashion house to the last detail. Joseph Dirand was inspired by Givenchy;s original black box packaging. The store featuring a series of small compartmentalized spaces, offering intimacy to its visitors.

Each space is thoughtfully constructed and texture is central to every inch: white marble, lava stone, bronze, carbonized timber and felted carpet.

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Designed in collaboration with Alexander Wang, the space features raw materials with an emphasis on marble and bronze.

Except for a 1950s vintage de Sede black leather sofa on the ground level, all furniture and fixtures are customized, such as the blackened bronze bars, infinity tables of marble plates framed in blackened bronze, and a concrete sofa with goat hair and a leather ottoman with straps.


One of the creations who draw our attention is the lavish Avenue Montaigne apartment. The Avenue Montagne apartament is one of his soul projects, as this designing reminds him of what it means to be entirely free. No imposed boundaries, just the freedom to express his ideas and create from scratch the apartment’s interior.

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Some time ago he was introduced to a lady, the heiress to an Eastern European fortune. She had acquired two combined apartments on the Avenue Montaigne, alongside the world’s most lavish flagship boutiques.

As they spoke for hours, Dirand felt her falling in love and embracing his elaborate plans. He had been doing fewer residential projects, but the idea of being able to create a project with no boundaries, was irresistible.

“In the end, the lady’s instructions were an incantation more suited to a Renaissance patron than a contemporary client: “She told me”: ‘I want you to achieve your dream; that would be my dream,’ ” he recalls. “And the gates of the imagination just open.”, as Joseph Dirand tells NY Times Style Magazine.


With an amazing creative mind, Joseph Dirand also ventured into creating sleek interiors for coveted restaurants. He designed interior experiences that are sophisticated, subtle and very tactile. Dirand compositions boost of sensorial moments that showcase the art of savoir-vivre.

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Monsieur Bleu, where Joseph brings inspiration from Art Deco glamour by Yves Klein, merged with the minimalist style of Adolf Loos.

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The new interiors for Le Flandrin do not stray far from the winning formula Joseph Dirand created for Monsieur Bleu. A clever blend between art deco and modernist style realised in materials that evoke classic, understated luxury with just a hint of decadence: rare marbles, dark woods, highly polished metal work, mirrored glass and plush upholstery.

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LOULOU, the restaurant at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs designed by Joseph Dirand, vaunts an unique and privileged location in the heart of the Palais du Louvre, on the busy Rue de Rivoli.

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