As all major fashion weeks have come to an end, now is time for us to go through the trends and chose what’s hot and what’s not for the Spring/Summer 2018 season.

Bonus we’ll share with you one of the best shows of the season and some street-style inspiration wiseness.

Sorbetto Hues

Expect to fill your wardrobe with soft colors, as for spring there will be plenty of sorbetto shades to choose from.

The trend is not ground-breaking and the surprise is in how you mix them: try wearing one shade in a head to toe outfit or pile up multi-colored pastels by selecting every light hued item in sight, like a multi stacked ice-cream cone.

Eyewear wise, the sorbetto hued pallete was used not only to decorate frames, but also the lens. We’re provided sunglasses with green, blue, light blue, red, reddish and yellow lens. You decide what color to choose!

In particular, one shade pop’s out: mellow yellow. Stop thinking that you can’t wear yellow, because it’s going to be one of the biggest color trends for spring and summer.

Yellow tinted rounds, yellow lensed aviators, you name it, we can’t wait to add this sunny hue to our wardrobe.

Decor Love

For SS18 we’re talking about decorating eyewear frames. Take into consideration methods of decorating fashionable sunglasses, using an abundance of inserted elements, miniature flowers, geometric patterns and so on. And the handcrafted techniques are amazing, every frame being a piece of art.

Fun, stylish, and on-trend, the glasses are going to make a true fashion statement.


Feminine and stylish, butterfly sunglasses come in tight competition with cat-eye shaped specs. Butterfly sunglasses can be seen in the most varied, sometimes unusual frames: think different colors, materials and decor.

The frames are graceful, eternally stylish and ideal for balancing out a longer face or a prominent chin.

Shape IT!

We saw a lot of cool-girl geometric shaped eyewear on the runway this season. And we’re really into it! Every season is characterized by more and more amazing ideas and spring-summer 2018 is a clear evidence of that.

It’s once again time for fashion to take inspiration from the sci-fi world. This trend gathers together: huge shapes, sport inspired designs, metallic or multicolored odd shaped sunglasses, matrix style angular specs, 90’s ovals or micro half-moons. You should definitely try it!

This trend is for the brave-hearted fashion lover who doesn’t shy away from not-so-usual trends.


Rimless frames suit all types of faces, and are flattering both men and women. With frameless eyewear there is no frame to obstruct your view and are lighter, so therefore more comfortable.

For SS18, most of the brands focused on shape and colors of the frame, but others have decided to use only lenses without frames. In this particular cases, the lack of the frame is compensated by the use of unusual colors and shapes of the lenses 😉


After tens of shows with so many different creative approaches, there is one particularly mesmerizing designer that left us in awe: Thom Browne. As he presented his first women’s show in Paris, he created an alternative universe at Hôtel de Ville – a scene of epic proportions, where men dressed in all-white organza greeted guests with magic wands and pouches full of glittery fairy dust.

Inspired by the underwater world and with references to Disney’s ‘Little mermaid’, Thom Browne used the classic children’s story in an unconventional way. Where the vast majority of designers sink themselves in the real world, Browne has always approached fashion with fantasy, inviting the eye to places it didn’t know existed.


Even though we’re talking about Spring/Summer 2018, the street-style scene from the main fashion capitals of the world is giving us serious Fall vibes. Plus, they’re showing off fierce sunglasses picks. Browse through the gallery and get inspired for your cold-weather look.

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