Ricardo Bofill’s world, the perfect destination for an art lover

If you’re looking for something different this summer we surely have the answer for a sweet escape in the most iconic places made by prestigious architect Ricardo Boffil.

As one of Spain’s most impressive contemporary architects, Ricardo Boffil is responsible for a huge variety of commercial projects, from hotels and airports to office complexes and hotels. But it’s his earlier work really pushed boundaries thanks to his ground-breaking combination of socially-minded urban philosophy and artistic brilliance.

Let’s jump to see the 4 pieces of his work that are totally worth seeing this summer:


Muralla Roja x Karen Walker Paradise Circus


Rising up from the cliffs of Calpe, La muralla Roja (The Red Wall) probably lays claim to the title of Bofill’s most breathtaking work. With clear similarities to Walden 7, La Muralla Roja is an imposing, fortress-like edifice concealing a dazzling tangle of colorful corridors, open stairways, apartments and outdoor spaces.

Walden 7 x FakbyFak x Manish Aurora


Walden 7 is a a mammoth-like terracotta structure, more akin to a fortification than an apartment building sitting on the outskirts of Barcelona. Conceived upon a Utopian vision of social housing, Walden 7 is a maze of shimmering, turquoise corridors and light-filled central courtyards.




Plexus x  Pawaka


One of the first projects to be built in La Manzanera, the holiday development which is also the home to La Muralla Roja and Xanadu, Plexus is a complex consisting of villas, apartments and amenities. Mediterranean-style windows with the habitual wooden shutters, arched passageways and white-washed walls sit alongside stone terraces, built in the same style as the traditional ones built for agricultural purposes that characterize the area.



The Kafka Castle x FakbyFak x Ria Keburia 


Just outside of Barcelona, is Bofill’s surrealist homage to Franz Kafka, El Castillo Kafka (The Kafka Castle). With its construction, Bofill and his firm not only crossed boundaries in terms of aesthetics, but also in design and construction techniques.