Rio 2016 Olympics & other fashion stories

Rio de Janeiro is definitely the place to be this year, as there’s no other event that brings the entire world together like the Olympics.

Thousands of talented athletes train all their life for the opportunity to compete at the Rio 2016 Olympics. They are in for the chance to earn a medal on behalf of their country. And the emotional, dream-chasing stories are what make our eyes well up and leave us feeling all the feels during the games.


Did you know?: Despite announcing her retirement from the runway last year Gisele Bündchen is making an exception for one very important catwalk: the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian supermodel will help kick off the Olympic games in her home country by walking in the Opening Ceremony held at Rio’s Maracanã Stadium.

When the Rio Olympics kick off in a little less than two weeks, viewers around the world won’t just be tuning in to a series of athletic competitions. They’ll also get a front-row seat to a global fashion show marathon that starts with the opening ceremony on August 5th and continues until the Olympic flame is extinguished at the end of the closing ceremony 16 days later. And the show is not only  for the fields of play or swimming pools, but also for the sandy beaches and crowded streets. We’re speaking here about the locals and tourists alike.

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil. Its historical sites – Christ the Redeemer anyone – glorious beaches, vibrant carnival, buzzing fashion scene and sultry samba attract millions of tourists each year. Imagine what will be going on now that the GAMES are ON!

Thinking about blending in and following the style of locals? In a city where being semi-nude is the great leveler, it would seem that its style would be hard to locate, but in fact the style, the very ethos of the city is as au naturel and in-your-face as you would expect from a beach-side city. Because people are so generally comfortable in even the most ample of skins, there’s an almost startling lack of artifice that’s infectious.

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In this context, a city of six million people, Rio often seems like a small town. Because the temperature rarely dips below sixty-eight degrees, even in winter, much of life is lived outside. Every Sunday, two full lanes of the boulevard running along the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon are closed, and thousands of people take to the streets wearing their bathing suits and not much else. Inhibition is not an issue. For local style inspiration, check out the selected gallery of street style photography and let yourself go with the flow.


On the official side of the story we couldn’t pass the chance to explore the big-name designers and brands on board for the Rio Olympics to design the national teams ceremony uniforms and competition gear. Among them are Stella McCartney, who has once again partnered with Adidas to create the look of Great Britain’s team; Giorgio Armani, who has outfitted Italy’s athletes; Lacoste’s artistic director Felipe Oliveira Baptista, who has helped dress the French Olympic team; and Polo Ralph Lauren, which is serving as the official outfitter of Team USA for the fifth time.

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When it comes to Rio most of the population is defined by juxtaposition: worldly urbanite crossed with laid-back beach-goer. And what we love the most is the fearless sense of color and the cheeky approach to beach dressing. When it comes to fashion, Rio is a city where anything goes. The sartorial style mirrors the laid back attitudes of the locals.