Massada Eyewear founders love art and we love it too! The brand’s founders, Kate and Chris, often invite artists to take joy in creating by involving them in the fascinating process of art exploration and communication with the world. The brand likes to play and they manifest their collaborations in all fields of art; from film, comics, poetry, images and so on.

While being careful and protecting the artists creative independence, all the works are in tight connection with the individual choices of the Massada founders as they want to reveal a true personal vision allover the brand’s universe. In consequence, the influence of Kate and Chris vary from project to project. Disputes and debates are always present, as ideas are born in endless conversations.

In this case we invite you to a movie date. Grab your popcorn and enjoy! We go all romantic as the theme of this Massada Eyewear Art Projects film is about: essential NYC mating strategies.

NYC Life from Massada Eyewear on Vimeo.

„5to5” is an inventive and funny courtship displays at action, where apparently every sexual partners attracted guarantee a reproductive success. Evolutionary psychology at work, made easy in “ NYC Life” by NY Shorts Festival award winner Michael Slavens, presented at Massada Film Festival in NY. City narration tells the metropolitan story of NY soul and energy. Indispensable for watching to New Yorkers, or/and visitors who are in the mating mood.