It’s time for another home visit! We continue snooping around designers homes, and after Phillip Lim’s New York City loft, in Soho, we go past the doors of Thom Browne’s Greenwich Village apartment. Architectural Digest visited the Manhattan home of fashion designer Thom Browne, we couldn’t resist following their steps in a beautiful one-bedroom apartment, situated in a gorgeously preserved 1930s building. dam-images-celebrity-homes-2013-thom-browne-thom-browne-03-living-room Simple, apparently discreet and featuring great furniture & art pieces, the property is the perfect example of smart attention to details, exactly as we see in his runway collections. The first thing Browne was after was a great view and he wasn’t focused on a particular location, as “I looked for more than a year,” he says. “It could have been uptown, I didn’t care. New York has so many interesting neighborhoods.” And oh, his perseverance was rewarded to Heaven and back, as the one-bedroom flat, a compact 800 square feet, is surrounded by some 300 square feet of outdoor space with sweeping views, enabling Thom to gaze out at the Chrysler Building or the new World Trade Center tower. As per the interior design features, the commitment to witty traditionalism and good taste are present in every one of his choices: “I won’t buy something unless it’s exactly what I want. I don’t buy things just to ‘get it done,’” Browne explains. He was helped by a good friend, architectural designer David Biscaye, that was the one who tracked the majority of midcentury furniture. From the living room’s Jacques Adnet chairs and cocktail table, the ‘60s Dunbar sofa to the Gio Ponti tables that flank an Adnet bed in the bedroom. We love Thom Browne‘s ability to dare and to control at the same time. His apartment is an intriguing display of good taste, but the stunning terrace is of course the WOW feature of the home.

photos: DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN for Architectural Digest