For the past few weeks, style has descended on the streets in preparation for the biannual fashion week tour. This time we are more convinced than ever that there’s something irresistible about keeping up with the looks that are carefully displayed by the off-duty models and IT girls, buyers and fashion editors.

We are all familiar by now with the scene outside fashion shows, with street style stars, bloggers and industry tribe walking their own runway. Even so, we are always on the lookout for new inspiration. Just laying our gaze on those passing us by on the busy sidewalks is sure to set off our aesthetic sense as street style moments worth capturing always spring from the most unexpected places – especially those that feel authentic, unique and inspirational.

This season, folks all around New York, London, Milan and Paris are putting on a good show with their adventurous choices and original styling examples. From colorful picks to more classically cut ensembles, all outfits are highlighted by fetching accessories- those final touches that define everyone’s personal style. That being said, our passion for sunglasses makes us stick to our firm belief that they are a great choice to give any outfit that important final touch, often playing their iconic role as fashion staples. And as an image is worth one thousand words, we’ll leave you to judge by yourself if we’re right by inviting you to browse through the gallery bellow. For even more insights check out our ‘Street Style’ edit of fashion week inspired sunglasses here.