FABRIK wins a prize at the Best Book Design from all over the World 2015

is a Romanian atelier that creates and produces  beautiful paper objects, that includes anything from books, notebooks, letterpress and so on.

This year, Fabrik (Nicoleta Radu, Claudiu Stefan) and 72+87, a duo specialized in design (Costin Popescu, Alin Cinca) presented at the International Fair of Book Design in Leipzig a catalog of 59 visiting cards from Romania made before year 1945. The book entitles simply, ‘Visiting card’, and it is a really emotional journey through those times where the emphasis wasn’t set on the design of the card or its fancy support, but on the simplicity of how people presented themselves to others. Some chose to put only their name, others added their profession or you can find funny and touching details like the year they were born.

Another nice thing went you dip into the book is that you’ll recognize important names from that period, such as writers, actors, lawyers, even princes. But the nicest moments are when discovering on some of the cards messages like ‘Good morning, invisible man!’ or a missive sent to a theater’s director.

‘Visiting card’ received an Honorary Appreciation from the jury, one of the ten given prizes, among the 585 books from 30 different countries.  Please find below a short movie about the making of the book and some captions in it.

Sources: vimeo.com; celemaifrumoasecarti.ro