I can still remember the first pair of sunglasses that changed my entire aesthetic perception – a pair of huge rounds with gradient lenses in an adorable shade of intense red that my mother had worn during a summer morning back in 1984.

I could hardly wait for summer break, and there was nothing else I could think of besides that obsessing smell of sand, sunscreen and sea water that so strongly lingers within me to this day.

My mother was explaining something to me, I think she was carrying a bag of cherries, and while she was talking, I was just staring at her giant perfect sunglasses wondering how would the world be seen through such imposing lenses.

I’ve never told her how much I loved those sunglasses, nor that I suffered a little when they suddenly disappeared from her wardrobe for no certain reason. Even to this day, I still marvel at the sight of over-sized rounds with gradient lenses that inevitably remind me of my mother during those days.

Last time this happened, I was in the urban sunglasses paradise – the sunglasscurator showroom. Roxana, the owner, was speaking with almost dramatic intensity and with incredible passion about sunglasses, while I was trying on a pair by Linda Farrow. I felt as if I had entered a time carousel. I was looking at myself in the mirror from behind huge rounds with gradient lenses while still listening to Roxana, and had one of the most surprising experiences – I had just made a trip back in time.

To me, sunglasses are a signature mark, just like perfume. Speaking from an aesthetic point of view, I don’t think there can be a more exciting and special experience than trying on a pair of frames that fit you perfectly, and will eventually become a part of your intimacy, protecting you like a magic shield. Just as important as getting the right frames, is finding the right person that can understand your needs, to help you choose that one perfect pair you’ve always looked for.

During the years, sunglasses have been my friends even on gloomy, rainy days or winter storms, because I never quite comprehended why sunglasses had to be worn only on sunny days.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been faithful to the same brand – Cutler and Gross. Recently, Roxana  introduced me to the Dita universe, and I inevitably fell in love with the most mysterious pair, aptly called “Traveller.”


This month, sunglasscurator celebrates its three year anniversary. It’s been three years of sharing big dreams, bouts of nostalgia and bits of perfection; three years of helping people understand the essential part played by sunglasses in modern man’s dynamics.

Happy anniversary, #sunglasscurator!
Guest Editor: Maurice Munteanu, fashion editor for ELLE Romania and owner of Le Projet D’Amour.