Eclecticó Studio is a 20th century design gallery opened in 2013, located in a marvelous Art Deco villa in the center of Bucharest. It is a place where vintage iconic design pieces and contemporary art perfectly blend in with the impressive interior architecture. Local rumors and legends spread the word that this villa was the decadent home of Magda Lupescu, the favorite mistress of King Carol II during the 1930’s and later, after his abdication, his wife.

Eclecticó Studio is the latest project of Stefan Cosma, our August Guestcurator. He is the Gallery Director aka the person whose efforts are the reason you’re seeing what you’re seeing.

Recently, he launched the online store making it possible for everyone to admire and purchase exquisite Scandinavian Mid Century Modern products, that I believe to be some of the most beautiful things on earth. Also take a note that besides the interest in Mid Century Modern furniture, at Eclecticó Studio, the selection accommodates ceramics, art, any modernist and contemporary iconic design gems.


Enjoy your time browsing through the website!