For the love of September issues

When September comes, we have the chance to a fresh new start. It’s like welcoming the New Year, but better because we get to indulge in the morphing of hot, summer season into the brisk, copper fall. It’s like pressing the reset button on our closets. And all thanks to the September issue of fashion magazines.

Like clockwise, each glossy content comes with its insightful edits, season trends, new beauty routines, and life makeovers. But the hook is “les femme fatales” adorning the covers, the place where we initially find inspiration. This year, there’s a ground battle between supermodels vs.  movie stars vs. pop stars. We got the chance to witness with each dazzling edition an epic show of strong forces. Finally, after a long debate we handpicked the winners, and, in no particular order, we present to you 5 of our personal preferences.



This year, while no shortage of star power, we’re pleased to take notice of a  wide display of fashion models peering at us from our favorite glossies. VOGUE US, Italy and Japan are the main examples for how models regained their deserving spot in the limelight. We have to admit that from the three representations of the “bible”, our favorite has to be the refreshing cover of VOGUE US, starring: @joansmalls (Joan Smalls), @CaraDelevingne (Cara Delevingne) and @karliekloss (Karlie Kloss).

“All savvy on social media, they’re building their own brands and single-offhandedly catapulting themselves to this generation’s version of supermodel status,” – titles the mag.

The cover, shoot by Mario Testino is dubbed “The Instagirls”, due to their humongous group of social media followers.



Bad Gal Riri, l’enfant terrible and the world’s wildest style icon is this September W magazine’s cover muse. Rihanna described on Twitter her appearance as “Eskimo Horror Cover Story” and we couldn’t agree more.

“The face, the body, the confidence—the magnetism that she has is just ridiculous,” makeup artist Kabuki told W of Rihanna.

Photographed by the matchless Mert & Marcus and styled by the legendary Edward Enninful, she’s revealed herself as somebody that’s using their environment as part of their signature style and we cannot be more impressed with how Rihanna can pull off such a dramatic look!

Interview Magazine:


The September issue of Interview is called “The Photographer’s Issue”, with six photographers capturing their “ideal woman” on camera. Subjects in the issue include Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell, Keira Knightley, Lea Seydoux, Amber Valletta and Daria Werbowy. Our favourite is Keira, the usually coy actress has agreed to pose completely topless solely for this issue’s cover.

Cool insight: In a rare feature twist, Keira interviewed the photographer doing her shoot; the renowned Patrick Demarchelier.

CR Fashion Book:


You didn’t think we’d browse through the September issues without Queen B, did you? Beyoncé is the fifth issue of CR Fashion Book’s main attraction. The cover story was shot by Pierre Debusschere, with “guest creative direction” by Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci.

“The empress of pop meets a force of fashion. In her first collaboration with Carine Roitfeld, the ever-changing Beyoncé expresses her many moods, manners, auras, and multifaceted characters. All hail! ” – CR Fashion Book 

Instead of an old fashion interview, writer Forest Gander remixes statements from Beyoncé’s dialogue with the publication, compiling a beautiful poem, which aside from her sex life, explores her dedication to her two-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy and her ‘deep bond’ with young children.

Haarper’s Bazaar, US:


Linda Evanghelista, Penelope Cruz and Lady Gaga, all look terribly chic styled by Carine Roitfeld for the triple newsstand editions of Harper’s Bazaar US. Even so, we ended up falling in love with the subscribers issue cover girl: Emma Ferrer, the granddaughter of darling Audrey Hepburn. Emma definitely looks strikingly beautiful, very much alike her grandmother—the dark hair, flawless complexion and those famous cheekbones standing out from a mile away.

“Sometimes when I was younger, I felt confused toward what having a grandmother like her could mean in my life,” she added. “But I am now understanding.”- Emma Ferrer

Hepburn was the muse of iconic photographer Richard Avedon, so it was thrilling to see Emma’s cover debut that Avedon’s grandson, Michael Avedon,  managed to immortalize in such an aesthetically way. The theme of the feature is of a parallel narrative, between iconic looks of Audrey  met en scène by her granddaughter.

At the end, we must confess that we enjoy the competition carried on by glossy magazines every September. They all want to be the best, and the result are fabulous covers that we get to indulge ourselves before browsing in the search for this fall’s inspiration. That being said, let us hear about your utmost cover favorites!