MOO Eyewear: creative back-stories and style insights

We’re thrilled to have featured in our boutique the unique designs of MOO Eyewear  from her the very first collection, launched more than two years ago. Since then, the brand has grown greatly in the hearts of many customers and celebrities worldwide, and we’re excited to have taken part at it. Having just introduced this summer’s Silver/Gold collection in our boutique, we thought it’d be an excellent chance to catch up with Moo Piyasombatkul, the designer behind the eponymous brand. Get a glimpse of this collection’s creative back-story and discover the bits and bobs about Moo’s personal style and summer adventures. Happy reading!

SC: Your Silver/Gold collection has just landed in our boutique and we’re thrilled to present to our customers the new curated models, including some exclusive styles for Please tell us what inspired you this season.

MOO:  It’s all about the REAL luxury, all the shine and all the bling. The baroque details used in this collection came from the porcelain plating solution that contains real gold and platinum. I wanted to produce eyewear like “jewelry” pieces that have the potential of becoming sentimental and valuable.

SC: You work with vintage frames and this makes every piece of eyewear unique. What is the process behind a pair of MOO shades?

MOO: I source vintage frames from different places. I have the standard sizes that I know would work on most faces and that would go well with the porcelain I make. The quality has to always be good and still functional.

SC: We know that, as a fashion designer, you have to constantly overcome a lot of challenges. After having spent some time in the industry, what are the biggest learnings for MOO Eyewear as a brand?

MOO: Fashion moves fast, style is forever. It’s always my intention to create designs that could last, thus using classic items such as vintage frames. My collections are not seasonal, I constantly reproduce all the collection items.

SC: This new collection invites men to be daring with sunglasses. Have you had a lot of requests from men? Do they prefer a certain shape style?

MOO: Yes there are a lot of requests from men. They always prefer the oversized aviator style. Men who wear MOO eyewear are the ones who like to dress up and experiment with their accessories, our sunglasses being one of their IT items.

SC: You support the idea of collecting fashion instead of buying for the trend’s sake. We really love this attitude and we would like to hear from you some tips on how to build a timeless personalized wardrobe. 

MOO: Buy something you love at first glace and that you can think of as a piece that would last. You have to see yourself wearing it over and over.

SC: What’s your favorite sunglasses shape and why is it no.1?

MOO: I think that Desire 1 and Desire 2 models are the ones that fit well with most of my outfits.

SC: You have a signature look for many years now (the bob cut fringed hairstyle). Tell us the story behind it. Are there any other style aspects that you have been carrying with you throughout the years?

MOO: Before getting a bob, I used to change my hairstyle every 2-3 months but after cutting my hair this way, I felt like I found the hairstyle that really suits me. I’ve been sporting this bob for about 6-7 years now. I guess it goes with my personal style and how I dress.

SC: Every September we meet in Paris for Fashion Week. We also know you lived in London where you studied Fashion. Which Fashion Week are you most drawn to? London or Paris?

MOO: Fashion weeks in London and Paris are complete opposites, although I tend to like them both, actually. London is rawer and often more refreshing because of the young and new designers. It’s always about pushing the boundaries. Paris is more sophisticated and, of course, more crowded because everyone goes to Paris, all the big shows are in Paris. Here I get to see all of my friends from the industry too, it’s like a seasonal reunion!

SC: Where do you have more fun? Are you a London girl or a Paris mademoiselle?

MOO: I’m more of a London girl, probably because I grew up there and it’s my second home.

SC: Have you already been on holiday? What is your favorite holiday destination?

MOO: I went to KOH TAO island in south of Thailand, a very pure and raw place. It was very relaxing and fun because there are always various activities you can do from early in the evening till late at night.

SC: What’s on your playlist right now? Do you have a special song on repeat?

MOO: Begin Again soundtrack…every song!