Under the radar European city break destinations

Summer is about to come to an end, and we’re certain you’ve had plenty of time to indulge in long vacations in beautiful, exotic destinations. But why refuse yourself one last caprice? We’d like to remind you that Europe is full of under-the-radar city break destinations, perfect for this final chance to enjoy what’s left of our favorite season.

We can’t resist spreading the word about the latest emerging hot spots, so take advantage of these last August weekends and discover not one or two, but ten handpicked European city break destinations. Old Continent’s best, short getaways are the perfect mix of ancient heritage and modern lifestyle. Chose one, pack your bags lightly and have a wonderful time.

Calas de Poniente might be in Southern Spain and it takes some effort to reach, but the rewards for your endeavors are fine golden sand and solitude.

Also known as “Black Corfu”, the densely wooded islet boasts with secluded beaches and bays, not to mention verdant green hills perfect for hiking. Beyond having a breathtaking scenery, the city is rich in local culture. To pinpoint: Korcula is the purported birthplace of Marco Polo.

The lush, volcanic archipelago has sensational sapphire blue waters, colorful scenery, and majestic cliffside manors. Visiting the Azores is very likely to make you feel like you’re litterally stepping into paradise.You dream of relaxing? Take a dip in the numerous hot mineral springs. You want to bask in fresh air? Hike through the island’s verdant hills. But hurry up, it’s nearly the end of summer, and only during this period you can watch whales make their annual migration!

Ancient cave dwellings (The Sassi di Matera) and hundreds of rock churches dating back to the Byzantine era are waiting to be rediscovered. Situated in the arch of Italy’s boot, Matera is carved out of a lime stone gorge. A must see!

Visualize yourself in a breezy resort boasting with boutiques, terraces, culture and nearby beaches and dunes. Bergen is one of those places where you can easily forget about anything and everything.

Spend your nights in one of the former residences of the Russian czars, situated on the shores of Lake Lugano, and you’ll be initiated into the lifestyle of long lunches, boat trips on the lake, and perfectly toned guests sun bathing in the private gardens.

With a rich background, today’s Valletta (capital of Malta) is one big museum, its impressive history greeting you at every corner. Wandering the streets and secluded alleys, you can almost see the ghosts of Knights and hear the laughter of the sailors who pillaged Strait Street – infamously known as ‘The Gut’ – on their shore leave to the Mediteranean sea.

This ‘little big town’ in northern Europe, is Belgium’s best-kept secret. It’s one of Europe’s oldest and richest ports and home to pioneering fashion designers like Dries Van Noten. The city is full of insanely stylish places to eat, shops, and other places to relax in, between admiring the impressive architecture and magnificent museums and churches.

If you’re in the mood for a romantic destination, stroll along Bruges’ alleys, sail on picturesque water canals and visit verdant ramparts. You won’t be able to help falling hopelessly in love with the city’s air of mystery and utter charm.

Folegandros is a welcomed escape from the hustle of other more popular Greek islands. Relax on nearly untouched beaches, sample traditional food and spend quiet evenings contemplating the breathtaking, sun-touched cliffs.

Instead of a conclusion, we dare you to take a snapshot of life somewhere. Thankfully, Europe is still full of under-the-radar gems. It takes extra effort to reach these European IT spots, but the reward comes with that feeling of being confided with a secret. You get the opportunity to experience a place before it’s really discovered and altered. Enjoy!