Starting May 16th and ending May 25th, Bucharest is the scene of a major event: Romanian Design Week. There are so many interesting events and workshops centered around fashion, design, gastronomy or architecture, with 60 more collateral happenings, that we’d wish this would taking place more than once a year!

According to the website, ‘the Palace of Bucharest Chamber of Commerce will host the Main Exhibition and the Students Gallery, as well as a series of conferences and workshops dedicated to those interested in design, but also activities dedicated to children: a treasure-hunt and other interactive educational programs. The Main Exhibition reunites 150 designers and over 350 works, under the theme ,, Design in Public Space’’. The selection of the works has been made by the organizers, alongside with a board of consultants, including: Adrian Soare, Costin Popescu, Domnica Margescu, Maurice Munteanu, Mihai Gurei and the architect Attila Kim, who also signs the concept and design of the exhibition. The exhibition has 5 main areas: Architecture, Graphics, Fashion, Lifestyle and Object.’

Among our favourite events so far: Fashion’s Night Out, Six Centuries of Clothing History, Ping Pong Open, Recycled Urban Furniture Expo, Autor Jewellery Fair, SORS Lab by Carmen Secareanu, The Artist and Eco Social.

If you didn’t make it to the Romanian Design Week yet, don’t worry, you have 5 more days. Just make sure to check their schedule beforehand here or their Facebook page here. Enjoy and make sure to let us know how it went!