Several years back, I had the immense pleasure of visiting the colourful South Africa, a country which I’m still very much looking forward to go back to. Besides being one of the furtherest-out places I had been back then – little did I know! -, for me South Africa was a revelation in the sense that it was a completely different sensory experience. From the gorgeous architecture, to the colours in the streets, the beautiful food and scenery and the gobsmacking encounter with the local savanna – think riding ATVs with giraffes running besides you -, that trip is definitely one of the best I ever had! Of course, the country was not all milk and honey, its troubled past has left a deep mark in its day-to-day realities, but probably this was one of the things that made me appreciate it more.

Another very vivid memory was the local street style, from the kids dancing in the corners to the hip teenagers gathered in front of the local store. So vibrant and unique! Unfortunately, this trip took place way before smartphones and from the times when I had this silly rule of shooting only a one use camera per trip. In South Africa, of all places! Anyway, that was that. So you can’t imagine my surprise and joy when I stumbled into this super cool blog, Borrowed from the Boyz, about South African people’s fashion and which belongs to film photographer Lebogang Tlhako.

Here, have a look at some of the photos we’ve singled out. What do you think?

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