Here at we are all about eyewear! We love sunglasses and opticals alike, and moreover we love the stories behind every brand that we offer in our curated boutique of independent eyewear brands. It is fascinating to follow the development of designers, both emerging and established eyewear brands: from the creative and production process to the visual aesthetic in which they launch their latest creations.

All this being said, we would like to take you on a journey of amazement with KUBORAUM, one of the latest additions to our portfolio of brands. Nonconformist and daring, the label is forcing the limits of creativity by experimenting on the fields of: fabrics and  materials or production & manufacturing techniques. In a little game of ‘Did you know?’, we walk you trough the brand’s DNA and we investigate together the story behind KUBORAUM.

KUBORAUM: Livio Graziottin, Sergio Eusebi & Antonio Pincin

Did you know KUBORAUM was founded by a team of three people that seem drawn from the Renaissance?

Founded in Berlin in 2012, by artist, sculptor and designer Livio Graziottin; anthropologist, brand, communication & marketing director Sergio Eusebi and Antonio Pincin, engineer and head of manufacturing. The team seems to have it all as together they supremely dominate the creative and production fields.

Did you know that KUBORAUM means ‘cubic room’ in German?

Kuboraum means cubic room in German. Being an exciting and groundbreaking concept brand, the name derives from the founders aim to radically change how individuals perceive themselves and their relation with sunglasses.

‘Kubo’, is a precise, squared concept and ‘Raum’ a closed space, room, isolation: a mask that will allow to the ones that are ready, to feel free and unleash all the identities that live within their persona; a personal and intimate architecture.


Did you know that KUBORAUM names their products MASKS and not sunglasses?

This comes from the idea behind the brand’s name, as the one that wears KUBORAUM, must be comfortable with himself / herself and the world around them, and to feel free to emphasize their personalities. Every pair of sunglasses is a mask with its own look and power. The brand is all about the relationship between the daring sunglasses and its wearer, as the mask doesn’t highlight itself, but it highlights the personality and the features of the person wearing it.

Did you know that KUBORAUM doesn’t launch collections, but concepts?

More than collections, Kuboraum is based on concepts. In each new range of eyewear, there are many ideas and one specific and authentic identity. Every pair of KUBORAUM sunglasses represents the distance from anything that has to do with seasonal trends or any of the general practices of the fashion business. The brand’s language is closer to the language of art than that of industrial design.

Berlin geometries: KUBORAUM inspiration
KUBORAUM’s identity: Berlin geometries, featuring the Maks Z3 round sunglasses

Did you know that every pair of KUBORAUM eyewear is designed in Berlin and produced in Italy?

The brand combines the Italian artisanal tradition with Berlin based creativity. Hence, they are designed in Berlin and handmade in Italy. It is the best combination between extreme quality and the best know-how of Italian manufacturing production mixed with experimentation inspired by the city of Berlin: “Dreamed in Berlin, Handmade in Italy.”

Did you know that KUBORAUM has no logo?

As KUBORAUM concentrates on the wearer and the masks help us feel at ease, while they highlight our characters and emphasize our personality, the brand has no logo. Each mask contains its own look and power, but as soon one wears it, it takes on the character of the wearer and not the glasses itself.

KUBORAUM eyewear brand inspiration

Did you know where the brand takes it’s inspiration?

The brand revolves around stories, traveling and creatively tripping. Livio Graziottin, the brand’s designer is all the time traveling around the world meeting cultures, tribes and artisans. Thus, in his work you can find old traditional manufacturing techniques mixed with an antique meets futuristic aesthetic. Something you’ve never seen before!

An avantguarde brand, KUBORAUM will never cease to amaze. For more insights, browse trough the handpicked selection of styles available in our online gallery here. We’re curious to know which style is your fav!