The Dita Hurricane black sunglasses are featured in Beyoncé’s 7/11 music. As always, Bey tops herself yet again by breaking boundaries and doing things no one else has done before.

With 7/11, the song itself is a masterpiece and Queen Bee’s style is equally covetable as she rocks sweatshirts in funny prints paired with some killer statement accessories.

The three minute video shot selfie-style trough a fisheye lens is full of mindblowing moments. It has a hotel room as background – which seems surprisingly plain coming from her, but in the end, what makes it so fun and unique is Beyoncé and her dancers having what looks like a great time as they dance around the suite.

Beyonce is known for setting trends and displaying various remarkable accesories in her videos. This time, a pair of Dita Hurricane sunglasses is the item that caught our attention, as they are ultra-cool and versatile. See it for youself up top!