Thom Brown’s shows are known for being a far cry from the regular runway walk; as he loves giving audiences the feel of an experience.

For starters , this SS 2015 womenswear presentation was narrated by Diane Keaton and accompanied by milliner Stephen Jones’s headpieces.  It was a battle between restraint and excess, in form and fabrics, in which Thom Brown managed to express a fun and colorful story.

The show was set up in a well-organized garden. A group of models wearing clothes with summer inspired motifs stood on stilts in statuesque poses. To top it all of, a well groomed gentleman mowed the grass.  In the beginning of the show,  sound filled the space and Diane Keaton’s voice rang out, telling us the story of six sisters and their fashion challenges pending a week. From impeccable suits, as the week went on, their outfits became more complex and fantastically illusory .

Well known for his obsessive attention to details, Thom Brown created full looks for his characters. He treated every aspect and piece of the collection with utter dedication. Leaving Stephen Jones to work his magic for marvelous  pieces of headgear, Brown went on to design the most extraordinary pairs of sunglasses. His muse was the blossoming nature; the truly inspiring designer concocting a series of sunglasses shaped as delicate flower shadows. Either symmetric or asymmetric; adorned with dark lenses and thin golden hardware, all designs were reminiscent of the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s.

Find bellow a clip of the show.  As soon as the runway lights fade out, get a glimpse at our curated selection of Thom Browne sunglasses here.