Abstract boudoir is the notion that perfectly describes the inspiration for Phillip Lim’s SS15 womenswear collection, presented this week during NYFW. The story goes back to the designer’s home which he’s been renovating. Pending house renovations, life at home ended up being reduced to the privacy of his bedroom. Thus, he got the chance to discover and focus on the elements of the most intimate of spaces: quilting of mattress pads or matelassé, lounge wear (robes, lingerie shorts and negligees), wallpaper prints and a game of textures and materials. All beautifully arranged as a messy bed in a crisp spring morning.

Because sunglasses are our eternal crush, we must tell you that every pair was as good as it gets: hip, full rounds with the designer’s signature flat lenses. Warm plum or orange hues and peaceful grey displayed in contrast frames or graphic black pieces were the stars of the runway.

Emanating a comfy and opulent feel, everything seems in place, as Lim designs for a city girl, always ready to jump out of bed and get on with her day.

Watch the video below and get a first look at the full runway show. Afterwards we invite you to discover 3.1 Phillip Lim’s curated eye wear gallery here.