What do you think about the recent rumours that Sarah Jessica Parker is Anna Wintour’s replacement as Editor-In-Chief at the American Vogue when she retires? According to an inside source, “Anna thinks Sarah, a fashion icon on Sex and the City, truly has what it takes to step into her shoes and take on a role at Vogue one day.” Apparently the 2 meet regularly for private lunches and, allegedly, Wintour has asked Parker to consult on “a stunning array of Vogue’s big moves over the last several months.” ‘A stunning array’, you must admit this really sounds like an inside Vogue source! Truth be told, thanks to her Carrie Bradshaw character, Sarah Jessica Parker has really reached fashion stardom. And thanks to Carrie – “When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I found it fed me more” -, even the rest of us who were enjoying a nice meal over dinner, got to witness the fabulous Vogue experience. So in a way, who better to step into Ms Wintour’s shoes than her most devoted follower? And since we’re talking SJP, here’s a really entertaining video you might enjoy, with her answering Vogue’s 73 questions (73!) and showing a bit of her house around. So if you want to know all about her least favourite colour, food, pizza topings or favourite hangouts in New York, then click play!