Punk fashion first started at the beginning of the 70s and its rebellious spirit is still alive and kicking into today’s scenery. The best part of it is that there are no rules to it. As we mentioned in our previous post, it is all about freedom of expression. From a pair of sunglasses with an attitude, different coloured socks, fishnets, skinny ripped jeans or a spiky leather jacket, all is aloud in punk fashion! More than often though, we find ourselves taking inspiration from our favourite punk icons and this post is dedicated to those people that for us best encapsulate the energy of punk. In terms of eyewear, you’ll notice a lot of dark cool sunglasses, sometimes heavy detailing.

Dame Vivienne Westwood
Sex Pistols
Susan Janet Dallion aka Siouxsie Sioux
Susan Janet Dallion during The Creatures
The Clash
PJ Harvey
Patti Smith
Nick Cave
Joey Ramone
Gwen Stefani
Joan Jett
Beth Ditto
Debbie Harry
David Bowie
Cindy Lauper