Christmas Catch Up: The Secret World Of Haute Couture

Hi, there! We’re back with more suggestions for your Christmas Catch-up list. The Secret World of Haute Couture’, a BBC4 documentary, attempts to provide a deeper understanding into the world of haute couture and its multi-millionaire buyers – a world that is normally closed to the “outsiders” – in just around an hour. Filmmaker Margy Kinmonth travels to New York, Paris and California to meet up with members of the club, and to take a look at how haute couture has changed throughout the years.’ Actually Mag. Besides the members of this so-called club, Margy Kinmonth meets the haute-couture makers and gets to sneak peek in their ateliers, so be prepared to see Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano, among others, talking about ‘The Secret World of Haute Couture’. Click continue for parts 2-6.